101companies Project

The 101companies Project (or "101project" or even just "101" for short) is an open knowledge resource covering software technologies, languages, and concepts. 101 targets programmers, software engineers, teachers, learners, and technologists; they can leverage 101 and they are encouraged to contribute to 101.

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101explorer is an integral part of the infrastructure and foundation of the 101project. 101explorer supports systematic exploration of all pages on the 101wiki, all artifacts in the 101repo, and all synthesized data available as 101data. To this end, 101explorer provides access to the various links between all the involved resources. In other words, 101explorer is the Linked Data portal for the 101project. 101explorer is organized as web service (using HTTP GET) with the URL referring to the resource and the response containing information about the resource. Different response formats are supported: HTML, JSON, and RDF.

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The project relies on the aggregation, organization, annotation, and analysis of an open-source corpus of contributions to an imaginary Human Resource Management System: the so-called 101companies System, which is prescribed by a set of optional features. Contributions may be implementations of system variations and specifications thereof. Each contribution should pick a suitable, typically small set of features and demonstrate original and noteworthy aspects of software technologies and software languages in a focused manner.

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